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Dr. Femi Emmanuel Olu

Dr. Femi Emmanuel Olu is a Professor of Material Science and Engineerig at the Jimma Institute of Technology, Jimma University in Ethiopia. He received his PhD in Materials Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science and his MSc in Materials Science from the African University of Science and Technology. Dr. Femi has considerable research expertise in energy materials, electrochemical methods for sensor applications, and thermoelectric materials and has received various accolades and grants, including three visiting faculty posts at the Indian Institute of Science. He has taught a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and served in several administrative posts at Jimma University, including dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering. Throughout his career, Dr. Femi has successfully supervised and mentored a large number of doctoral and master's students.


Honours and Awards

Research Areas

Here are some of our research interests, along with brief descriptions:

Processing Techniques

Here are some of the key processing techniques used in our research group:

Rapid Solidification

This process modifies the microstructure of materials during production to enhance their mechanical properties. Rapid cooling of molten metal is required for this process. Small, uniform grain structures can be formed at this rapid cooling rate (up to a million degrees Celsius per second), leading to increased hardness and strength compared to slower cooling methods. Our group have used this approach to improve the mechanical and thermoelectric properties of thermoelectric materials


When applied to materials, ultrasonic waves can cause a wide range of physical and chemical changes, a process known as ultrasonication. Ultrasonication processing has many applications in materials processing. We have extensively used this approach in the synthesis of 2D, atomically thin materials for various functional applications.

Hydrothermal Synthesis

In this method, substances are crystallized from aqueous solutions at elevated temperatures and vapor pressures. Crystalline nanoparticles and thin films are common products of this process. Hydrothermal synthesis is advantageous because it does not necessitate the use of organic solvents, it can be carried out at low temperatures, and it can produce pure, crystallized products. We have employed this method in producing different nanoparticles for oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions

Solvothermal Synthesis

This technique is similar to the hydrothermal route, except that the synthesis takes place in an airtight container (an autoclave) and the water is replaced by a solvent. The reagents react under carefully managed conditions of temperature and pressure to yield the desired compound. The versatility of this technique has led to its widespread adoption for the synthesis of a wide range of inorganic compounds, composites, and hybrid materials

News and Events

  • Visit of Top Jimma University Management to the Institute of Science Bangalore, India


Title Authors Journal Year Link
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Magnetic biochar nanocomposites of coffee husk and khat (Catha edulis) leftover for removal of Cr (VI) from wastewater Jemere Kochito, Abera Gure, Negera Abdissa, Tamene Tadesse Beyene, Olu Emmanuel Femi Curr. Res. Green Sustain. Chem. 2024 Link
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Transport properties and microstructural evolution of Bi-Cu-Te ternary alloys Ayansa TS, Varinder Pal, P. R. Sreeram, Surafel SL, Bhupendra K, Chalchisa GA, Mukherjee S, Manas P, Olu EF, Tiwary CS & Chattopadhyay K J. Mater. Sci. 2023 Link
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Two-dimensional Cobalt Telluride as Piezo-tribogenerator Demiss S, Tromer R, Gowda CC, Olu EF, Roy AJ, Pandey P, Galvao D S, Ajayan PM, Kumbhakar P, Tiwary CS. Nanoscale 2022 Link
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Effect of Annealing Temperature of Brownish-Red Pigment Based on Iron Oxide Extracted by Hydrothermal Route from Mill-Scale Steel Slag Eticha ZG, Rojas-Hernandez RE, Olu EF, Yimam A, Hussainova I, Alemayehu E. J Sust Metal 2022 Link
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Undergraduate Student Section

If you are an undergraduate student, you are invited to test your knowledge of Solid State Physics for Material Science. As part of this course, I am currently offering tutorials for 5th year undergraduates who will be taking the National Exam in July. Whether you're looking to brush up on your understanding of Solid State Physics or want to challenge yourself with more advanced topics, these practice questions are a great way to test your skills and deepen your understanding:

Disclaimer: The questions presented here are intended solely for practice purposes, and are designed to help you increase your understanding of the fundamentals of Solid State Physics for Material Science. Please note that there is no guarantee that the same or similar questions will appear on the National Examination:

Note:If you have any questions or require further clarification on any of the practice questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Note: At the end of the practice questions, please refresh the page to start over again:

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